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Lets Remove the Rattle from your Barwa

Admit it, you’ve heard it before. You’ve tried your best to block it out, but no matter how much you lie to yourself, deep inside you know it’s real. Something is inside your favorite Barwa frame!

Ok, now that we’ve established that you’re not crazy and that something is amiss, let’s fix it! If you hear a rattle when leaning back in your Barwa, chances are you’re hearing the small cutouts from the holes rattling around inside the legs. The pieces of scrap aluminum don’t easily come out as the ends are sealed, but it’s totally possible to remove them from the holes w/ a bit of persistence. Note that later frames do not have capped ends on the legs and are much easier to remove any cruft from the frame.

This is what the aluminum cutout looks like
Each leg has five holes that are potential exit points for the cutouts

If you’ve ever dropped a guitar pick inside an acoustic guitar, you’ll know that placing the sound hole down and shaking the guitar will eventually get the pick out. We’re going to do the same thing with the two Barwa legs. The frame will need to be disassembled to do this, so it’s a great time to think about polishing, replacing the bolts, and/or recovering your chair.

Simply take one of the legs and hold it at an angle so the square pieces run down near one of the holes. Make sure one of the holes is facing down as we’ll need gravity’s help in removing the small pieces. Start shaking the leg and with enough patience and persistence they will fall out of the hole. If you’re not having any luck, try slightly moving the leg either right or left while shaking to help clear any obstructions inside the tube. Don’t worry if you feel a little silly while doing this. It’s because you *do* look ridiculous shaking an aluminum leg around. Just ensure that a loved one isn’t recording a video of you and you’ll be just fine!

Once the pieces are free from the chair, you’ll love the new quiet serenity of reclining in your fantastic Barwa chair. Ahhhhhhhh, how wonderful!

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