Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order custom colors/fabrics not available on the website?

We are open to custom orders, but please keep in mind that it can be time consuming to order fabrics and do custom one-off pieces. Additional charges will apply and be assessed for each project. If you are interested in exploring options please send us a note using the Contact Us page.

Are Barwa covers easy to install?

Not really. Once you get the hang of it, it’s not bad, but it does require strength to stretch the springs across the frame. We recommend working with a friend, and preferably a strong one, for help. Be sure to follow our instructions here that will walk you through the process.

Acrylic vs cotton. Which should I choose?

While both materials work really well for Barwa covers, there are a few reasons to go one way or the other. Barwas originally used a heavy cotton canvas, and we offer one that perfectly matches the specs of the original. That said, the acrylic fabric we use is fade resistant and will hold up much better with outdoor use. It is also offered in superior color options. Our advice is generally to go w/ acrylic for better aesthetics and functionality. Cotton has a slight edge on comfort and is a great option for an indoor chair in our opinion.

How well will the cover fit my frame?

It should fit really well, but there were different variations in the frames over the years. We’ve tested our covers across four versions and feel really good about the fit. If your frame has a supporting bar in the middle, there will be less wrinkles in the seat of the chair. There’s no down side to not having the support bar, but we cannot guarantee a wrinkle-free cover.

What is the life expectancy of the cover?

Somewhere between ‘it depends’ and ‘we don’t know.’ Our covers are made to last for years with regular use, but the specific lifespan will depend on the environment the chair is in. Some of the variables that go into this are: exposure to the elements, harsh vs mild climates, humidity, and generally how the chair is used/cared for. All of the materials we use are sourced from reputable vendors and should hold up well regardless of indoor or outdoor use. The performance acrylic fabric we utilize is designed for outdoor furniture and comes with a five year factory warranty.

How do I treat stains on my cover?

Start by removing any loose dirt, and create a mixture of water and mild soap. Thoroughly soak the fabric in the area of the stain and if necessary use a soft brush. Rinse with water and allow to air dry. Never dry the cover in a dryer.