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Barwa Cover Installation Instructions

Installing a barwa cover is very simple, but it does require a good deal of hand and forearm strength. Stretching the springs can be challenging and we recommend working with a partner to help. Also, please use care when placing the springs in the grommets. If the hook of the spring misses the grommet, it can tear straight through fabric with enough force, or worse, cause injury to your hands. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

Spread the cover, top-side down, on a flat surface.

Place the frame on top of the cover ensuring the foot of the chair is on the end with the tag. Our covers are designed to only fit this way and will not look right if installed upside down.

Tuck the two ends of the frame into the cover and ensure the grommets are aligned in the middle.

Pull the sides over the edges of the frame and double check the grommet alignment. It will be a tight fit. You may find it easier to tip the chair on it’s side and pull the last side downward towards the floor.

We find it easier to install the springs with a “pull” rather than “push”. Place the spring in the grommet on the far side of the chair and pull it toward you. With your other hand, tuck the chain or cable downward so the spring hook can more easily be inserted into the grommet.

Place one of the long springs across the middle section of the chair. Use the stitch line to ensure the cover is centered on the frame.

At each end of the chair place two medium springs in the grommets and connect them to a washer. Continue checking the stitch line and adjust the cover so that it stays centered.

At each end, use one of the two small springs to connect the washer to the grommet on the end of the cover. 

Add the remaining large springs to the corresponding grommets on each side as pictured. Working from the head toward the foot of the chair is the easiest order to install the remaining springs.

Turn the chair over and smooth out any wrinkles and enjoy one of the most relaxing chairs ever made!

The instructions on this page were adapted from the original Barwa instructions above. The text is not easy to read on this photo!
Assembly instructions for a later revision of the chair.
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