Replacement Spring – Short


5.5″ stainless steel replacement spring

We typically recommend changing all the springs on a chair so the cover has equal tension. Also, keep in mind that the aesthetics will be different as these springs are made with different metal. That said, we do offer our springs individually if you wish to replace missing or rusty springs. This the same high quality spring found in our Replacement Spring Kit. Barwa chairs use a total of two of the short springs to connect the very top and bottom of the cover to a washer.

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Give your Barwa the proper springs it was built for. We looked across 25+ manufactures to find a mass produced replacement spring that would work well for the Barwa – it doesn’t exist. So we had our original springs cloned and manufactured. These replacement springs are spec by spec matched to the original Barwa springs. The one improvement we made is upgrading to the highest quality stainless steel (17-7PH) to make them corrosion resistant and improve the lifespan and durability with outdoor use. These are worth every penny and will restore the super comfortable “stiffness” that people love about these chairs. These are a perfect match for our covers and are an essential part of any restoration project.

Warning The installation of these springs requires a fair amount of strength, and the tension will be fairly high on the frames. Please use caution, read our instructions, and don’t be afraid to ask a friend for help.

Technical mumbo jumbo: The original springs were made from a carbon steel called music wire. This is one of the best materials for springs that are constantly under tension and offers an incredible life span. My original set is ~70 years old and still work very well. The primary drawback to music wire is it does not hold up well under the elements and is why so many of these rusted out. Stainless steel is the obvious choice for better corrosive resistance, but most stainless alloys do not have the strength or durability of music wire. The exception here is 17-7PH, a stainless alloy, which offers the strength and life span of music wire along with superior corrosion protection compared to the original springs.

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Weight .31 lbs
Dimensions 7 × .5 × .5 in


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